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Best Raw Food Feeder for your Border Collie

As the owner of a Border Collie you appreciate the importance of keeping your furry friend occupied with something stimulating. After a long day your dog needs a nice way to relax and unwind with a good meal, but often that meal won't last longer than a few big gulps.

This is where the LickiMat X Large comes in: vet developed to promote healthy eating habits, the soft bumps and grooves stimulate your collie’s tongue as they lick at their meal.

With a larger surface area, LickiMat X Large gives you more room for meal varieties and combinations. Its low design allows your Collie to lie down and enjoy their meal the same way they would chewing on a bone.

For an even longer lasting distraction or meal, the LickiMat X Large is freezer friendly and you can freeze part or all of your Collie’s meal..

Border Collie eats from a LickiMat X Large Buddy Orange