The Casper – LickiMat UK

The Casper

The finest feeder for your cuddly cat

LickiMat’s Casper feeding mat has been purrfectly curated to meet the needs of your adult cat. With more soothing points strategically placed across the mat, the Casper allows your full-grown feline to more easily savour their favourite meals while improving their oral health.

The carefully engineered LickiMat reduces whisker stress and eases neck tension with its flat, plate design.

Looking for meal inspiration? Here are a few ideas that you can try out. We encourage owners to mix and match different foods to suit your cat’s texture and taste preferences:

  • Raw poultry such as chicken or turkey, cut into small chunks
  • Dry pellets in a variety of flavours, including chicken, rabbit, beef or tuna
  • Chicken liver, mixed with a tablespoon of water for a pâté-like texture
  • Hard boiled or poached eggs
  • Oily fish such as tuna or mackerel can help your cat’s eyesight, joints and brain


Cat enjoys food from a Turquoise LickiMat Casper