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LickiMat gives you the opportunity to discover your pet's favourite treats. 

You can experiment and get feedback from your pet.  We have put a few recipes here to get you started.  We will add to this page from time to time and you are welcome to share your recipes with us - connect with us by using our contact form.  

You should also check out social media and blogs to find more.  We have put some examples up from real people like yourself posting on Instagram. 

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Hazel's Recipes 

Smashed Sardine Pâté
This Sardine Pâté recipe is based on a real one that I sometimes make. My human version is made from canned sardines blended with cream cheese, a bit of chopped parsley, seasoning and a squeeze of lemon juice. This pâté tastes scrummy with a dollop on a thin slice of toasted baguette or served with […]


Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake
Yesterday was 4th July, so I got thinking about what classic American dishes would be on the table. I’m a dessert girl so I thought about sweet treats, in particular that delicious American classic, the Pumpkin Pie. A dog safe Lickimat treat version would work really well with pumpkin. I thought it was an American […]


Fruit Bust Chia Bowl
I was reading an article today that someone had shared on LinkedIn. It was about how pet food companies are following food trends when it comes to developing new products. Humanization of pet food is not a new thing. Years ago large commercial food companies started marketing their food featuring vegetables and farm fresh meat […]


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