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Recipe 1 - Smashed Sardine Pate

Smashed Sardine Pâté

This Sardine Pâté recipe is based on a real one that I sometimes make. My human version is made from canned sardines blended with cream cheese, a bit of chopped parsley, seasoning and a squeeze of lemon juice. This pâté tastes scrummy with a dollop on a thin slice of toasted baguette or served with crisp herby crackers.

Sardines are incredibly good for you and oily fish plays a strong part in a tradition Mediterranean diet. Research has shown that this diet reduces the risk of heart disease. The Mediterranean diet is also associated with a reduced incidence of cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

You don’t need to hunt out fresh sardines, as the canned version is still packed with loads of goodness. Sardines are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, iron magnesium and potassium; just to name a few. Eating this oily little fish is recommended by nutritionist as a part of an anti-inflammatory diet and for healthy skin.

For this recipe I have used just two simple ingredients: canned sardines and cottage cheese. The cheese is there to create a richer texture which will complement the Lickimat further. It also adds a bonus hit of calcium and protein to the treat, and is low in fat. You can also use low fat versions of cream cheese or quark. 

Anything oily works really well for Lickimats. Creating a slimey coating engages the dog longer. Even though you may not be able to see much food on the Lickimat, your dog’s tongue can still hunt the flavours left behind.

This recipe quantity is enough to make about 3 Lickimats dog treats. For this recipe I recommend using Lickimat Buddy or Lickimat Soother. To use on Lickimat Soother, make a runnier version by adding some water or milk until it is the same consistency as pouring cream

Tip: Use plain sardines in spring water.
2 x cans sardines drained
1/2 cup cottage cheese

Place ingredients in a mixing bowl. Using a fork smash sardines and combine with cottage cheese. The texture will be a bit lumpy which is fine. Load the LickiMat with about 2 heap tablespoons and smooth over. Keep in fridge for up to about 3 days, or freeze for later. If you have another LickiMat, load that too and stick in the freezer for later.


Mackie was unavailable to test this dish, so he asked his cousin Bonnie to do the honours.
Bonnie’s Taste Verdict:
Sardines has got to be one of my favourite foods. Nice and smelly, vegetable-free and sticks in the Lickimat wonderfully. The oiliness leaves a lovely residue that kept me going back to the Mat. I could almost feel my skin and coat glowing as I was eating this. It’s soooo healthy. Because this sardine pâté is packed with so much goodness, and because it’s very long lasting and tastes delicious, I’m going to give it 5 stars.

LickiMat Disclaimer
These recipes are not a daily balanced diet. They are not designed to replace a dog’s daily meal. Like all dog treats, serve only as part of a healthy balanced diet. Check with your vet first to ensure these food suggestions are suitable for your pet.


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