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What Can I spread on a LickiMat?

Three easy LickiMat Spreads to keep your dog licking for longer

Being a pet owner sometimes it's necessary to distract your furry friend with a tasty treat. The problem is, depending on the treat, they often won’t be occupied for too long. This is where LickiMat comes in, presenting a way to slow down your pets eating as well as enriching their meal time with vet developed bumps, grooves and pockets.

Peanut butter is an easy spread that dogs love (and humans too) due to its consistency and rich taste. It is easy to spread across the surface of the LickiMat and your dog will love licking every last scrap from the bumps and grooves of the mat.

Another popular spread is that of Cream Cheese. Another easy food to spread, cream cheese is very popular with our furry friends. It is best to serve cream cheese in small doses, thankfully a little can go a long way with a LickiMat!

The final spread we’ll mention today is that of Yogurt. Yogurt is a fantastic option especially on a hot summer day, as it can be mixed with delicious fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. For even longer licking you can place the LickiMat in the freezer, making a nice cold treat for your pup.

Remember to ask your vet before adding new items to your dog's diet!

LickiMat with Peanut butter and yogurt in front of brown dog
Malla Mayhem