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LickiMat® technical design: LickiMats are vet developed in Australia and are technical products.  The licking surfaces of LickiMats are designed to work with different foods and treats to achieve different outcomes ranging from anxiety reduction to entertainment to slow feeding to training aids and more.  LickiMats work differently for dogs and cats.  

Dogs: Entertain/distract; reduce anxiety, stress and boredom; slow feeding; and raw feeding.

Cats: Slow feeding; enrichment; improving oral health and special food feeding.

LickiMat® for Dog & Cat: Anxiety Reliever, Treat Maker, Slow Feeder, Training Aid, Boredom Buster, Tongue Cleaner and all-round life Enrichment product for pets.  Recommended by Pet Trainers and Vets worldwide. 

About Us

The LickiMat® story begins in Australia long before the LickiMat with the OH Bowl®. We had been working with two vets to design a product to improve the Oral Hygiene and Oral Health (hence OH) of our dog.

The portion of vet costs associated with pet dental work had been increasing for lots of reasons and was a serious health issue that needed to be addressed. We worked on two principles: stimulating the tongue to produce more saliva that in turn leads to healthier teeth and gums; and scraping the tongue to reduce undigested food particles and odor-causing bacteria.

The solution was similar to humans - when your dentist tells you to scrape your tongue using the back of your toothbrush or a tongue scraper, but you forget to do so most of the time! No forgetting with OH Bowl as the tongue is naturally scraped at the end of every meal without requiring extra effort from the pet guardian.

The LickiMat range takes the same principles and applies them to the entire rubber surface of the mat.  It challenges the dog or cat to lick in order get the reward that has been spread onto the LickiMat.  This resulted in a lot of licking, a lot of interest and fun!   The licking action also produces endorphins that soothe and calm your pet, and it is now recognised as a leading anti-anxiety tool.


How does LickiMat work?

LickiMat is an experiential product.  The website provides details of how LickiMat works and the benefits of LickiMat as well as information on how to use LickiMats.  Please look through the content on the website.  You can start with text-based information by clicking here, or look through real pets using Lickimats; for dogs click here, and for cats, click here.

What is the difference between the models: Soother, Buddy and Playdate?

The natural rubber surface have different designs that suit different types of food and treats. All models are suited to spreads such as peanut butter, yogurt, purees and the like.  The Playdate holds liquids well and is suited chunky foods and small kibble. The Buddy suits mushy foods, wet foods, sardines and the like. The Soother suits wet and liquid foods and juice/gravy.


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