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Tuff Playdate Green





Product type: Pet Supplies

Vendor: Innovative Pet Products Pty Ltd




Authentic LickiMat® Tuff Heavy-Duty Playdate Dog Slow Feeder Lick Mat: Boredom and Anxiety Reducer; Perfect for Food, Treats, Yogurt, or Peanut Butter - A Fun Alternative to a Slow Feed Dog Bowl in Green, Ideal for Energetic Dogs, Promotes Dental Health and Mental Stimulation, Vet and Trainer Recommended.

REDUCES ANXIETY, BOREDOM, AND DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: LickiMat promotes licking, releasing endorphins to calm and soothe your pet, making it ideal for stressful times like thunderstorms.

DISTRACTION AND ENTERTAINMENT: LickiMat is your dog's perfect companion during quiet moments, guest visits, or video calls. Keep pets entertained with their favorite spreadable treats, offering healthy distraction with minimal calories. Explore our website for more engaging recipes.

INTRODUCING THE NEW TUFF SERIES: Engineered with chew-resistant materials, non-slip rubber feet, and dishwasher-safe design, the TUFF series ensures durability and easy maintenance. With its soft Authentic LickiMat surface, it promotes healthier dental hygiene and fresher breath, endorsed by veterinarians worldwide.

SLOW FEEDER & TRAINING AID: LickiMat encourages slower eating, reducing bloating, and preventing gulping with a variety of treats and foods. From yogurt to raw or liquid foods, it allows pets to savor small portions over extended periods, endorsed by renowned dog trainers for positive reinforcement and crate training suitability.

PROMOTE HEALTHIER HABITS: LickiMat supports your pet's well-being by reducing anxiety, promoting dental health, and offering mental stimulation through slow feeding. Trusted by professionals and loved by pets worldwide, it's a must-have addition to your pet's routine for a happier, healthier life.