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How do I use a LickiMat Wobble?

Add a rewarding challenge to treat time with the LickiMat Wobble

Looking to add an extra element of challenge and fun to your dogs diet? Look no further than the LickiMat Wobble. The LickiMat wobble is a slow feeder that, true to its name, wobbles around as your dog licks the food spread between its soft soothing bumps.

If your dog is the kind to finish a meal in a few gulps then come back looking for more a moment later, then the LickiMat wobble is for you. Your dog will have to move with the wobble as it moves around, positioning themselves in new spots to get at the tasty treat. As your dog cannot lick the wobble as hard as they would on a traditional feeder. This in turn helps to produce more saliva, which is beneficial for their oral health.

Unlike other challenge based feeding devices, the LickiMat wobble does not frustrate dogs by leaving food in-front of them that is out of reach leading to undue stress. This is avoided by having all of the food easily accessible on the surface of the mat.

For a more relaxed slow feeder, simply push the wobble inside out so that the bumps are on the outside of the hemisphere design and spread your dogs favourite soft food across the surface.

LickiMat Wobble holds wet food, raw food and a dog shaped treatImage Credits

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