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Which LickiMat For A French Bulldog?

How to Enrich meal time for your French Bulldog with a LickiMat Slomo

Looking for ways to spice up your frenchies meal time? Look no further than the LickiMat Slomo! With two different textures, the LickiMat Slomo lets you mix and match with food combinations you wouldn’t necessarily have tried together in a regular bowl.

The smooth bumps are ideal for your Frenchies favourite spreadable foods, such as peanut butter (Xylitol free), yogurt and soft meats.

The deep pockets can be used to hold liquid foods such as bone broth, alternatively they can be used to hold kibble or small treats.

Thanks to its plate design, the LickiMat Slomo is a perfect fit for dogs with short snouts such as the frenchie. They can also lick away at their meal while comfortably lying down, as they would chewing on a bone.

On top of being both microwave and freezer friendly, LickiMat Slomo is also dishwasher safe, to make cleaning up after your Frenchie a breeze.

What ever way you look at it, the LickiMat Slomo is a great way to feed your Frenchie Wet food, Raw food, kibble and so much more with no mess!

LickiMat Slomo Purple feeds two french bulldogsImage Credits
Pola & Bogdan French Bulldogs